Small businesses in Northampton need to get online, they know this but however for most web design is simply far too expensive, particularly when a business is new, so this becomes a barrier, either that or they end up using one of those free website builders which frankly won't do you much good as the free versions give you very little disc space or bandwidth, not to mention you won't have much control over the search engine optimization and if you're a local business looking to benefit from free traffic from the search engines then I'm afraid to say you're more likely to see pigs fly.

One more down side to free website builders is the cost if you decide to use their premium version, a recent client of mine wanted to have an e-commerce store with a well known website builder service who's name we won't mention hey M***f***t, they wanted her to pay £8 a month and for that all Jen would get is 1000 MB or 1 GB of disc space, only 20 GB of bandwidth which means if your traffic uses that up in the first couple of weeks then your website won't be displayed to your visitors for a couple of weeks, imagine if you had an ad running, you could be paying to send traffic to a website that isn't being displayed; this is bad, however, Jen could have a shop integrated for this price but she could only add 50 products, What!!  Considering Jen has more than 5000 products this wasn't a good solution, even their best solution at £25 a month for 1000 products wasn't enough.

This is why here at Web Design Northampton we do things differently as Jen discovered, we build your website using a world-renowned and award winning content management system used by millions of website owners around the world including many well known brands and celebrities, this keeps costs low to start with as the build time is shortened dramatically and many of our clients have got professional websites for less than £1000, in fact a lot less, plus they all benefit from unlimited hosting for just £5 a month, no limits on disc space and certainly no limits on how many visitors you can have to your website every month and Jen is free to ad as many products as she likes so her business is free to grow.

Another way we're helping small businesses here at Web Design Northampton is the video tutorials in the members area, if money is an obstacle even for our low web design prices then we teach you how to do it yourself, it's easier than you think and with some great premium themes out there you can build a beautiful and functional website with ease and we only charge for the web hosting, so you can have a website up online for only £5 a month.

Take a look at the website Jen has for herself for just £5 a month, then tell me you still want to use a free website builder. Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation.

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