Woobox Custom Tab

wooboxLooking for a useful tab to add to your page? One of the great features I like about the Woobox iframe tab is the ability to set up a redirect,  if you have a particular page on your website for a shop for instance, or you just simply want to send people to your home page, then the redirect function that comes with Woobox's app is perfect for the job, you may even have some other point of interest you would like to draw attention to like an article, product, or even a reviews page, setting up a redirect tab on your Facebook page is child's play.

All you need to do to install the tab to your fan page is go to the app on Facebook and there is a link to it below. Once you've added it to your page you should see the tab settings page, under the share options you'll see other options and this is probably set to html by default, you want to click the setting that says redirect and add the URL in the box below ensuring you keep the http:// prefix before the www.web-address link, then scroll down and click save settings and it's as simple as that, you'll have a redirect tab to anywhere on the web you want, the hardest job you'll have is deciding what to name your tab and what image to use.

Install The Woobox Custom Tab To Your Fan Page

affiliate-marketingThis is a great tool for affiliate marketers too, imagine having a tab that sends traffic from your fan page straight to products and services you promote and if you're using WordPress you can easily get round Facebook's dislike of sending it's visitors away to affiliate links, which is mainly because there is no ad revenue for FB, but also to protect it's users from online scams etc, but the way to get around this is to add a great little plugin called GoCodes.

What this WordPress plugin allows you to do is create links on your domain that forward to somewhere else, so when you redirect fans from your Facebook page you are sending them to your own domain first which FB are happy to do, but then using this link you create, your website then forwards the visitor on to your affiliate offer and all this happens relatively quick and seamless.

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