youtubeiconYouTube, it's the second largest search engine in the world. About 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute and over 4 billion hours of video are watched every month. If that's not a reason to make YouTube part of your marketing strategy then I don't know what is. Granted, it may not be for every business, but for the majority it can be a powerful marketing tool and when you combine this tool with your Facebook page you'll have a winning combination if you use it effectively.

So how do you go about using YouTube effectively for marketing?

Let's use a mechanic as our example. Here's Brian and his car repair business is a small but successful one with regular work but he wants to grow his business and believes he can achieve this by putting his business online. Brian opts to put his business on Facebook with a fan page, he gets it looking nice and after a while he's even got to grips with Facebook ads and built himself a nice local fan base. There always seemed to be something lacking though, engagement on his posts. Brian was realizing how much Facebook where making it difficult  to reach fans in the news feed.

gangnam-style-youtubeLucky for Brian he knew a nice social media consultant called Simon who suggested he got himself a YouTube channel and that Brian started making little 5 minute short videos giving viewers automotive tips that can save them calling out a mechanic, saving his prospective customers time and money on the little things, whilst nurturing a relationship with his viewers and his brand, so that when they need a mechanic for the big things, his viewers would know exactly where to come.

Following further suggestions Brian the mechanic added the YouTube Channel page tab from Woobox, You can pick a video you want as your featured video, this could be a welcome video and then it is followed by a nicely styled playlist of your other videos, not to mention the ability for your viewers to like and share your videos, as well as requiring people to like your page in order to view them on the fan page tab.

youtube-subscribersYour fans can become subscribers to your channel too, right from within the page tab, in my mind, the Woobox YouTube Channel page tab application is the slickest page tab for YouTube there is out there and Brian thinks so too, because he now has something for his fans to keep coming back to his page for and with new videos being added regularly that only take him 5 minutes of his day to make, he has a regular stream of new content for them and his page is growing with lots of engagement, he's also now looking for a bigger work space.

questionmarkStart to consider what value your business could deliver your target market through video, integrate it with your page with Woobox's YouTube Channel, this is only one of a number of ways you you can drive engagement with your page but definitely one of the best.

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