pinterestWhen it comes to using social media for marketing we can find ourselves trying to integrate our businesses with every platform we can put ourselves on, this can lead to lots of frustration trying to figure it all out, plus, after we do figure it all out, we may just find that one or more social networks are not working for us or simply not suited to our business at all. Pinterest is no exception, before considering using it you need to know that your companies products or services fit well in to the Pinterest environment, but we'll cover all this in another article.

What we are here to talk about today is how simple it is to share your boards on your Facebook page and I don't mean just posting links on your timeline either. What I'm talking about is the Pinterest app for pages tab by Woobox. I've looked at a number of apps for pages you can use for free to display your boards but none of them compare with Woobox's tab application, besides being a snap to install just like any of their other apps, the Pinterest app for pages is the cream of the crop.

Pinterest-facebook-appIt's beautifully designed layout is a perfect replica of the main website but optimized for the Facebook timeline's 810px wide tabs and you could be forgiven for thinking that the tab app had been made by Pinterest themselves, but this is because Woobox are masters of their art. There's a handy follow link at the top of the page for your fans to connect with you and the admin interface makes it simple for you to choose your boards, you can even add multiple pinterest tabs to your page for different boards so you can just show on Facebook the boards you think are most relevant to your fan pages audience, or you can just simply elect to show all your boards on one installation of the app.

You may only have one board that is right for your fans, but that's OK, you can select to display the contents from just that one pin board. Fan gating is also made possible with Woobox's Pinterest app for pages, which is great if you want to force your visitors to like your page to see the contents of a secret board. You can also select to show the like and send buttons along with it which is ideal since the individual viewing your board is already logged in to Facebook. Don't waste your time with poor inferior apps, get your app from Woobox, their Pinterest app for pages is simply the best available and it's one of their free apps too. Visit the Woobox fan page to see this tab in action, there is a link at the bottom of the tab you can click to install it to your page.

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