google-penguin-2.0On May 22nd Google rolled out the new Penguin 2.0 web spam algorithm and for those of us who put quality content first then this recent update to Google's search engine is welcome, but for those sites that are just plain spammy and provide no real value to it's visitors beware. For too long now the way things have worked as far as SEO is concerned is that you could get any website ranked highly if you can get enough backlinks pointing to your site and it didn't seem to matter much if your content was of value or not. Not a great situation for people searching Google for information, wading through mounds of rubbish before you find something of value that really helps.

That has all changed, the internet landscape is changing, it's no longer the internet, it's the social web. Although backlinks are still important to Google as a way of measuring your sites popularity, it's the types of backlinks that are important and a backlink from a linking directory just doesn't cut it any more. What Google are looking for are those social signals from real people who like and share your content across the social landscape as this is a better measurement of the value of your content.

google-penguinYes, I know you've heard it before that content is king, but it's not just content, copying and re-hashing someone else's work won't cut it either, your content needs to be original, (really your own words) and for your visitors to enjoy it and find the information of such good value that they are happy to like and share your content across their social media channels, it's these types of backlinks that factor highly in today's SEO, it's real votes from real people that will make the difference, your website and content needs to be producing these social signals so that Google notices your social footprint, the bigger your footprint, the better, of course you still need good on page SEO too but you shouldn't write with your head in the SEO clouds, you need to write with your readers in mind, that's how you create content your readers will love, but don't take my word for it, watch this video from Google's own Matt Cutts....

As you can see, this is another step in the right direction for Google to reward websites with quality content.

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Simon Templeton - internet & social media consultant