When we begin to engage social media as part of our marketing strategy there's a tendency to try to do it all. You need to avoid this social media pitfall, particularly if you're a small local business on a limited marketing budget. Your time is also valuable and is best spent focusing on social media websites where the majority of your potential customers hang out. A good social media manager can help you with this.

For instance, a clothing retailer or someone in the home decor niche would fair much better leveraging sites like Facebook and in particular websites such as Pinterest and Instagram over sites like LinkedIn or Twitter.

Your next task is to get your business profile on to the site, optimised and with images that convey the company brand. Here's where your social media manager should be worth their weight in gold as each social media site has it own differing styles and options.

Lets take Facebook for instance, they provide a facility to have a business profile page or as they are commonly known, fan pages. A fan page is just like a profile page for people only for businesses, however with a fan page you get some optional extras you'll want to take full advantage of.

Here's how we can help you with your social media.

Social media kickstart.

Identify relevant and beneficial social media websites.

Build and optimise Social media profile.

From £47

Social media management.

We like to take a different approach to social media management and prefer to educate clients so they can take control of their own social media management, however, if like some businesses you are stretched for time we can offer varying levels of social media management that won't stretch your budget.

Prices start from £10 a week.