Without SEO (search engine optimisation) you're leaving your search engine index listing to pure luck and just like gambling your'e setting yourself up to lose.

When someone searches Google for a product or service there's a good chance they've never heard of your business, so they won't be searching "ABC LTD" or even typing in the domain name. This only happens if you've made them aware of you through some other marketing method.

If someone is searching Google for, lets say, a man with a van type business in the Northamptonshire area, they will most likely type in something like "man with van Northampton", this will then bring up the search results featuring all those businesses who wish to be found for that search term, or as we say in SEO, "keywords".

For your business to appear on the first page of the listings for various keywords will be dependent upon a number of factors, but one thing is crucial, in order for you to begin competing for this prime piece of online real estate you must first inform the search engines what your site is about and for what keywords you would like to be indexed for.

The way we do this is by adding "meta data" into the head section of your web page and this meta data will consist of "meta keywords and "meta descriptions". The keywords will include all the various search terms your potential customers are searching for and the short page descriptions will help define things more clearly to the search engine robots when they visit your site and scan your on page content.

All of this takes place behind the scenes so there's no need to worry about it interfering with your page content, or your visitors when they are viewing your website.

Include our local SEO services with your website if you're serious about being found by your customers through search engine optimisation.

Below are some of the must have SEO services we currently have on offer:

Local SEO foundation.

Research and create meta keywords.

Compose page descriptions and add descriptions meta data.

Ping search engines for indexing.

Just £10 per page.

Google my business.

Google business page set up, optimised and included for local search and maps.

This is the listing that you see from time to time when you do a local search, they appear just under the ads and have a map to the right and are listed A, B, C, D, etc. If you're quite lucky to have little to no competition for slot A, B, or C your page listing will appear on the first page of Google for that keyword search, however, if you do have lots of competition then all is not lost as we have a solution for that in the next SEO package.

Google your business for only £27

Google local page rank booster.

When place listings are created in Google plus it's not a lottery when it comes to placing you in slot A, B or even down to Z, relevancy is just one factor but primarily the positioning is dictated by a first come first served basis.

Your position in this list can be influenced by SEO.

For this we employ a strategy of back links from sources that Google considers high page rank and above all highly trusted. We've hand picked a list of the top sources in the UK to provide you with these high value back links.

Due to the high value of this information we cannot reveal more here. Please contact us to arrange a 1 hour SEO consultation for just £20 where we will reveal the full info about this strategy plus discuss many other aspects of search engine optimisation.

Note: "Increasing your Google local page rank will have an uplifting effect on your website ranking".

We charge a fee of £10 per backlink.

Webmaster site verification.

Get your site verified by Google, you'll then have a verified business tick on your Google local page so visitors can see that Google trusts you and your website is verified. This can increase your local page rank and will have an uplifting effect on your website ranking.

Get verified for just £10