When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme it's important to note that the best theme you can purchase is a Responsive theme as this will ensure that your website is mobile first and looks great on mobile, tablet and PC.

Another reason to choose a responsive WordPress theme would be due to the latest Google algorithm release to it's search engine. They are now favoring sites that are built on this responsive framework because they are mobile first and dynamically adjust to best fit the device viewing the website.

Even if your old fashioned static html site has a separate mobile website it doesn't make you mobile first, it makes you mobile second and doesn't meet the grade anymore. To be mobile first your visitor must get the best experience straight from the main domain and not from a sub domain.

Another reason to choose a responsive theme is due to the well known fact that well over 60% of the web traffic today is generated by mobile and tablet devices, so why wouldn't you want your online business to be mobile first?

We can cater for all devices from one website with responsive WordPress themes and with developers creating plugins with all kinds of functionality there really is no limit to what we and WordPress can do. Here's some of our favorite themes, plugins and developers.