email-postmanNo matter what business you are in, when it comes to increasing your customer base your most important asset is your list of leads. Email marketing is one of those proven, tried and tested methods for increasing your customer base and making more sales of your products and services. Take a look at the big supermarkets for instance, quite often they will have a customer loyalty program offering discounts and rewards and in order for a customer to take advantage of this they have to subscribe to the companies list by exchanging their information for the loyalty card or coupon, this is a win win situation as the customer can take advantage of savings and special offers and the company can contact the customer to let them know about the latest offers from the company.

In the online world this works just the same way and you will hear quite often from internet marketers that the money is in the list and I agree with this 100%. Most of my online income has come about as a result of building an email list of prospective customers as well as maintaining contact with existing customers too, in fact, you may even be reading this article as a result of receiving an email from me about it.

The ingredients required for building your list online are this; a squeeze page, or lead capture page as it is also known, a compelling free offer such as an ebook or coupon etc, a sign up form on the squeeze page for your visitor to leave their name and email address and a reliable autoresponder service like, which in my opinion is the Rolls Royce of email marketing autoresponder services, plus you will need a thank you page for your subscriber to receive their free offer, especially if it's a download.

It's one thing to build a fan base on your Facebook fan page but if you are not building a list of subscribers with a squeeze page then you are missing a big piece of the puzzle. Adding a tab to your Facebook page that does this is essential if you want to make the most out of your social media marketing. When we build your squeeze page on Facebook you get to build your list using the awesome power of Facebook connect technology, instead of the traditional subscription form our Facebook app allows your visitors to subscribe with a few simple clicks of the mouse, if you have ever played a game on Facebook then you may already have seen the power and potential of having an app on Facebook.


There are 4 components to this subscriber application, a squeeze page iframe tab, an aweber autoresponder account, a WordPress website to install the plugin and a Facebook app. Together these elements work seamlessly so that when your visitor lands on your squeeze page on your Facebook fan page all they have to do is click the subscribe button, they will then be presented with the auth dialogue boxes that ask for permission, just like when you play a game on Facebook and most Facebook users are used to this and click allow without any hesitation at all as there is a certain amount of credibility that comes with having an app on Facebook. After clicking allow on the permission boxes the subscriber is then redirected to your thank you page where they can access their free gift and in the background is where the magic happens, you get a verified by Facebook email address added to your autoresponder and an automated post is added to the users profile letting all their friends know about your free gift, so in essence, when they subscribe they are also sharing your page and the post links back to your fan page so that others can take advantage of the offer too, try doing that with a traditional optin form.

So, why build a traditional squeeze page and optin form when Facebook can offer you the ability to have your subscribers share your fan page when they sign up? This is the future of email marketing right here, we have a developers licence for this plugin so you can get it for free when you take up any of our WordPress website packages. Contact us now to get this awesome power in your list building today.

Click here to try it out and see the power of this WordPress plugin for yourself.